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Why Cats Need Dentals

Faith Dental Portrait Cuddling BlazeDuring the annual physical exam, our veterinarians will take a close look inside your cat’s mouth to examine the teeth and gums. Sometimes the doctors will discover a condition called gingitivis. The gums are inflamed and swollen and there is plaque covering the teeth. This condition can be treated with a dental teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment much like your regular six month teeth cleanings. Most cats will need at least one dental teeth cleaning during their lifetime. Our goal is to catch problems at an early stage when it’s easier and more affordable to treat.

More serious conditions can exist too, like periodontal disease. Beside inflamed and swollen gums, there is a bad odor coming from the mouth and your cat may be experiencing some pain discomfort. Some teeth may have bone lose and be loose (mobile). Periodontal disease cannot be reversed. It can only be slowed down. In these cases, we strongly recommend a teeth cleaning, radiographs and extractions to remove diseased teeth and home care like teeth brushing or giving treats and food that help keep the teeth clean. We’ll then need to keep a very close eye on your pet’s mouth and teeth make sure they come back for their annual exam or in serious cases semi-annual exams.

Here are some before and after pictures of some of our feline patients:

Here are some pictures and descriptions of gingivitis and periodontal disease:

Gingivitis and Periodontal disease chart

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