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Surgical Services

The number one concern we hear from our clients is anesthesia risk.  It’s very worrisome to think about your pet being under anesthesia during a surgery procedure.  That’s why we use the same type of anesthesia as human hospitals and follow very similar safety precautions too.  We never leave their side.  To get things started, we prefer to run blood work a few days before the procedure to check for abnormalities and to make sure your pet’s kidneys and liver are healthy.  On surgery day, the doctor performs a pre-anesthetic exam to see how your pet is doing.  We have a dedicated anesthesia technician monitoring your pet’s vitals on a regular basis and keeping an eye on everything.

Judy Surgery


Surgery Love

To help your pet maintain their blood pressure and have quick access for emergency drugs if needed, we administer fluids before, during, and after the procedure.  We use heating blankets and pads and put booties on your pet’s feed to maintain their heat.  We insist on all of these little steps to make sure everything goes as smoothly and safely as possible.  We want you to have peace of mind when your pet is in our care.

Surgery Prep

Dr. Reis Surgery

With that being said, we are blessed with a talented group of veterinarians who can perform most of the surgeries your pet will ever need in their life time.  Whether it’s the more common growth removals, lacerations, or abscesses or even the more advanced exploratory or orthopedic surgeries or even emergency surgeries, our doctors are ready to help.

Surgery Suite

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