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Hospital Tour

Welcome to our clinic

To make sure our dog and cat patients have the best experience possible, we have separate entrances and reception areas.  Our friendly folks at the front desk will help you get comfortable and settled.  We have tasty treats for our doggie patients.  Treats help most dogs learn to love us too.  We have towels with relaxing kitty phermones ready for our feline patients.

Exam Rooms

We have four comfortable exam rooms where you and your pet will meet with our Doctor Assistants and Veterinarians.  We’ll provide vaccinations and discuss any concerns you might have about your pet’s health, diet or behavior at the time we perform your pet’s exam.

 Treatment Rooms

We designed our treatment room to be next to surgery, dentistry, radiology and ultrasound to make it easy to move a patient from one area to the next depending on what they need.  We perform some services in the exam rooms and when we need a little more room or special instruments, we sometimes take your little ones to the back for care.   You’re always welcome to join us so you can see what’s going on with your pet.

Operating Suite

Surgeries take place in our operating suite which is set up much like a human operating room, with state of the art equipment for administering anesthesia and monitoring patients’ vital functions.

 Dental Suite

Dental care is important to your pet’s overall health. We have specialized equipment for dental work, such as a digital dental x-ray unit that provides us with instant views of your pets teeth, a superior monitoring system during anesthesia and constant attention to your pet’s comfort during and after the procedure.


The doctors are supported in their work by a full pharmacy. Additionally, we work with compounding pharmacies to prepare medications that are easiest to medicate your pet with.


An on-site lab allows processing of tests, making it easy and convenient for you to receive results on some lab tests.  For more involved testing, we do need more time to process the lab samples.  We partner with IDEXX labs so we can provide a comprehensive array of tests.  Your doctor will always talk with you ahead of time about what tests they think are important to run.


We now have a state-of-the art digital x-ray unit. All of our radiographs are uploaded and reviewed by board certified radiologists. Digital radiology gives us the specialist’s interpretation within hours instead of days, allowing for a fast response in your pets’ care. We have a human grade ultrasound machine that greatly facilitates the level of care we can deliver in both routine and emergency situations.

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