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Extractions & Oral Surgery

Dr. CassioliOnce your veterinarian completes their oral examination and reviews any dental radiographs, they will be able to determine if you pet has periodontitis and or periodontal disease. There are different levels of periodontal disease.

Early stage periodontal disease means there is a moderate amount of plaque and tartar with plaque extending underneath the gum line. There is increased redness and swelling of the gums, some pain in the mouth, and worsening breath odor. There are mild pockets developing with bone loss around the tooth or teeth of less than 25%. Many of the symptoms are hidden and can only be found once the pet is under anesthetic.

Moderate periodontal disease means there are heavier amounts of plaque and tartar. Severe inflammation, swelling, and bleeding of the gums is present and gum tissue is receding around teeth with bone loss between 25-50%. This condition is painful. The breath is starting to smell putrid.

Advanced periodontal disease means there are extreme amounts of tartar, severe inflammation of the gums, pus around teeth, and horrible breath. Very deep pockets are present with more than 50% bone loss. The teeth are loose (mobile). The patient is definitely in pain and may not be eating well.

In most cases, we remove diseased teeth. Once bone is lost, it is cannot be replaced. To maintain your pet’s health, professional dental treatment should be performed approximately every 12 months.

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