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Dental Services

Fremont Veterinary Clinic offers full dental services. Oral health is important for our furry friends. Cleaning our pets’ teeth reduces the gum infections and inflammation that can lead to pain, tooth loss or abscess.

We take dentistry seriously and have a certified dental technician who performs dental prophies and radiographs with our modern dental station. Our digital dental x-ray system allows us to get excellent intraoral images which are essential for oral health and treatment decisions. Any dental procedure involves a three person team with a dedicated monitoring assistant, the veterinarian, and the dental technician using the full complement of our state-of-the-art dental and anesthetic monitoring equipment. Your pet’s health and safety are our constant priority.

Dental Home Care

Tooth brushing is the best form of home care. Using toothpaste that is appealing to animals and is OK to swallow is a must. Although daily brushing is ideal brushing 3 times weekly goes a long way towards maintaining your pet’s oral health.

Dental Rinses are a good option for pets that won’t accept brushing

Dental treats like CET® chews or dental Kongs® are another way to achieve better oral health for your pet

Dental diets are specially formulated foods that help remove plaque from teeth before it hardens and becomes tartar. Check with one of our veterinarians before starting one of these diets because not all pets can tolerate one of these foods.

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