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Health Care – Dogs

Adult & Senior Dogs (it’s plural because every dog needs a buddy dog)

Doggie Check-In

Annual Physical Examination – Our doctors will discuss any medical or behavior concerns your may have about your dog. For senior patients and dogs with certain medical conditions, we may recommend semi-annual exams. We will review parasite control and your dog’s dietary and exercise needs. We try to catch problems or developing medical conditions as early as possible so we can help your pet be happy, healthy, and as comfortable as possible. In some instances, we may even be able help your pet live longer.

Annual Internal Parasite Exam – This test checks for intestinal parasite eggs under the microscope. Please bring a fresh stool sample to the exam.

Vaccines – Our current vaccine protocols are based on the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association guidelines. At each annual exam we assess your dog’s health and infectious disease risks.

Core Vaccines – Core vaccines should be given to all dogs.

They include:

  • Distemper, hepatitis and parvo (DHP) vaccine This vaccine is given one year and two years after puppy boosters, and then it is repeated once every three years.
  • Rabies vaccine – This vaccine is good for one year the first time it is administered, and then is repeated once every three years.

Non-Core Vaccine – This vaccine requires individualized risk assessment.

Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine – This vaccine is recommended if you plan to board your dog, enroll him or her in obedience class, take him or her to a grooming salon, attend a doggy day care, or if he or she plays at the dog park. Many kennels, daycares and groomers require this vaccine for enrollment. This vaccine is most effective if administered 10–14 days prior to expected boarding or exposure. It is given once a year.

Heartworm Test – This test is recommended every two years for dogs on preventative parasite control to confirm efficacy of the product. We may also recommend testing if your dog has traveled outside the Pacific Northwest.

Teeth Cleaning & Periodontal Treatments – Just like people, pets can have cavities, fractured teeth, and gum disease. These conditions are serious and can be painful. If left untreated, these conditions can harm your pet’s heart and kidneys. Your doctor will examine the mouth and teeth and inform you if a dental teeth cleaning and periodontal treatment is necessary.

Laboratory Tests – For our senior patients and pets with certain health conditions, we recommend annual laboratory blood and urine testing to identify some medical problems early and to establish a baseline for your pet.

Microchip – This is permanent identification and is available at any age. This is a quick procedure (injection) that does not require anesthesia.

Pet Insurance – If you are interested in pet insurance visit, to compare different companies and policies.

Reminders – Examination and vaccine reminders will be mailed to you after your initial visit.

Michael & Boston Bean

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