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What Should I Feed My Pet?

The good news and the bad news is there are so my choices and options for pet food these days and so many sources, full of good intentions, telling folks what to feed dogs and cats.  It can be downright confusing.  We get it.  That’s why we make time to talk to you about your pet’s dietary needs at their annual exam.  It’s the best time to answer your questions and give you the scientific answers to any diet advertising news that’s caught your eye.

Our doctors have the training, experience, and expertise to help you select what’s best for your pet.  If you have some favorite pet foods you like to feed, we’ll be happy to confirm they have the appropriate ingredients to keep your pet healthy.

Although most pet food companies do their best to explain their philosophy and why their pet food is different and the best, sometimes it creates more confusion and can be misleading.  There certainly are growing concerns from the veterinary profession about the benefits of raw diets and grain free diets.  In our recent blog about grain free diets, we pointed out that an important source of protein comes from animal parts and organs.  Some pet food companies suggest these parts and organs are not as good as high value and more expensive protein sources.  It’s unfortunate.  It’s misleading.

Raw diets have their challenges too.  Take for example this article that appeared on the Veterinary Information Network website:  In this article, feline tuberculosis in the UK was traced to a raw diet manufactured for cat food.  Although this event appears to be contained within the UK, we have concerns about how the benefits of raw diets are being reported, praised, and even exaggerated in the United States.

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