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National Veterinary Technician Week, 2016

Judy SurgeryEach year we give thanks and appreciation to our Technicians for all of the wonderful work they do caring for our patients.  They work tirelessly to make sure every pet has a great experience with us and you have peace of mind.  Our doctors really rely on their help too.

fremont_vet_onsite0003We are very fortunate to have two highly trained and capable, certified technicians:  Judy and Katy.  Their contributions to Fremont have been immeasurable.  Judy specializes in veterinary dentistry and has pursued in-depth training to earn advance certification.  She has helped countless patients with periodontal disease feel better by assisting our doctors with extractions and oral surgery.  It’s safe to say she loves performing dentistry, managing anesthesia, assisting in surgery and teaching other technicians and doctors all she knows.  Katy’s focus has been lab diagnostics, managing our prescription inventory, and maintaining the doctor’s schedule.  She absolutely loves everything about the lab and if you’re nearby when she makes a fascinating discovery, she’ll call you to take a look in the microscope.  She has spent years memorizing every service and inventory code and knows our computer system and drug ordering process backwards and forwards.   She often stays past her schedule just to make sure everything is flowing smoothly and every client and patient are being helped.

fremont_vet_onsite0036Rounding out our Technician Team is Dan, Faith, Alyssa, Erica, Hannah G, Erin, Michael, Hannah S, Atalie and Ryan.  These folks go out of their way to help each other and our doctors.  They are the patient advocates.  That means they’ll inform the doctor when they think a patient is uncomfortable or in pain or not feeling well so we can take steps to remedy the situation.  They are the ones who carry sick pets from your car to the treatment room or administer oxygen to a cat that needs extra help, or take radiographs, or help administer fluids to a dehydrated patient.  Dan has a special interest in ultrasound and after completing his certification a few years ago, is the go to technician when this procedure is needed.  Faith is fantastic.  She works closely with Judy on our surgery team and she also helps out in lab and hospital technician shifts.  She does a wonderful job explaining procedures to our clients and answering questions.  Alyssa has a special interest in our hospital and lab technician shifts.  She has the gift of empathy and love.  She just knows how to make every patient feel safe and comfortable and pain free during their stay in our clinic.  Erica is probably one of our biggest patient advocates.  She just seems to know where to be and most importantly what your pet needs.

fremont_vet_onsite0069Hannah G is another one of our talented and gifted Technicians.  Her background has been in critical care and emergency care and that helps her take good care of our sick and hospitalized patients.  She really enjoys working closely with clients and doctors in our exam rooms.  Erin is always busy and often one step ahead doing a great job of anticipating doctor needs and keeping everything running smoothly.  She also finds time to post updates and interesting pet stories on our Facebook page.  Michael’s been with us a long time and is really flexible and helps wherever help is needed.  During our busy times, he often provides comic relief, reminding us to have fun and enjoy our day.    Hannah S is another one of our Doctor Assistants who absolutely loves this profession and working with clients and pets.  She will be applying to the PCC Veterinary Technician program in 2017.  Ryan works for us two days a week and always is ready to jump in and help.  He’s already in the PCC Vet Tech program and really enjoys learning and practicing the art of veterinary medicine.  Atalie completes our Technician and Doctor Assistant team.  She is very thorough with her work and always has a smile and gentle touch.  She’s consistent and does a great job.

We give thanks to this group for their dedication and commitment to making sure every Fremont Vet Clinici patient receives the care and attention they need to live happy, health lives.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  #cvtlove #vetlove #fremontvettechs #vetlifeKitty Scale

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