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Holiday “Mistoxins” and Toxins

As the holiday season approaches it’s time to discuss a few do’s and don’ts for our pets. First let’s dispense with a few misconceptions. Poinsettias are not a big worry for your furry ones. Ingestion can cause some mild oral irritation and GI upset but they are not deadly. Likewise mistletoe can cause similar mild symptoms.

Now for the bad stuff: Lilies can be fatal to cats so care should be exercised to prevent cats from gaining contact with lilies.  Fruit cake, yes the much maligned fruit cake can cause real problems for our pets, especially dogs since they’re most likely to try some. The alcohol in the real stuff can be toxic to dogs and the raisins are toxic to many dogs for reasons as yet unknown (this goes for grapes too).

Xylitol, a sugar substitute can be very problematic so keep holiday fare sweetened with this ingredient away from you pets. Chocolate (especially dark or baker’s) too, is a no-no for dogs especially, cats rarely try the stuff.

Holly and Christmas cactus can be very toxic to our pets so stay clear as well.

Likewise don’t let your pets chew electric cords, tinsel or other decorations…we don’t like to treat electric shock or remove your favorite ornament from your dog’s stomach.

So exercise caution, decorate with mistletoe and poinsettias and have a Happy Holiday!

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