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Dr. White’s Research Helps Pets

Dr. White and Fraizer

We have some exciting news. Dr. White has had 2 papers accepted for presentation at a British Veterinary Conference. The topics involve evidence based medicine which is an area that is in its infancy in veterinary medicine but is critical to our patients’ best care.  This is part of Dr. White’s work on her Master’s in Public Health at the University of Southern California medical school.

The first paper covers the treatment of canine glaucoma and will be presented by her colleague at the BSAVA Congress in April of this year. Dr. White will travel to Scotland  this fall to present her second paper about two different eye problems; herpetic keratitis in cats and prolapsed 3rd eyelid gland in dogs. Essentially her research is about what works and doesn’t. This is extremely helpful for practicing veterinarians. This is not “ivory tower” research, but is information that can help practitioners provide better care for their patients everyday!

This is a critical area in veterinary medicine. Evidence based medicine really helps determine what works and what doesn’t. Such research is not well funded in our profession. Studies are scant and so every bit of information like this really helps the profession. This is a really big honor for Dr. White, and we at Fremont Veterinary Clinic congratulate her.

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